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Honeysuckle Customized Facial
A great choice for first time visitors or those not quite sure what 
their skin needs. Your skin will be analyzed & the perfect selection
of products and efficacious treatments chosen just for you.
60 minutes $105    90 minutes $145 

Honeysuckle Brightening Facial
An ideal facial for those dealing with hyper pigmentation or
uneven skin tone. Extracts of lemon & blueberry lend themselves
for a beautiful lightening and brightening effect and vitamin C is
employed throughout to help battle free radicals and prevent
future damage. The result is noticeable improvement in clarity,
luminosity & even toned skin.
60 minutes $105 90 minutes $145

Honeysuckle Acne Treatment*
The main culprits of acne are targeted in this deeply purifying
facial, diminishing bacteria, balancing oil production and
eliminating cell build-up. Extractions and High Frequency are
used to help reduce blemishes.
60 minutes $105 90 minutes $145

Honeysuckle Anti-Aging Facial
A nourishing phytoestrogen treatment to rejuvenate skin
and address fine lines, wrinkles and dehydrated skin using
potent serums and masques. Skin will be left plumper, firmer
and improved on a cellular level.
60 minutes $105    90 minutes $145

Honeysuckle Sensitive Skin/Anti-Redness Treatment
A calming and soothing high performance treatment that will
reduce skin sensitivities and provide cooling relief from
inflammation while improving barrier function and elasticity.
60 minutes $105    90 minutes $145

Chemical Peels**
From Glycolic to Salicylic to Lactic and Retinoic acids, these
moderate to aggressive peels are customized to meet specific
concerns, from superficial lines, acne, discoloration, rough skin
texture and scarring.
20 minutes $60    Series of 6 $300    Added on to any facial $40

The Holistic Hot & Cold Facial*
The ultimate in facial revitalization WITHOUT surgery. Our Hot &
Cold Facial mimics the well-known (and pricey) thermage
treatment, which lifts, firms, smoothes and improves elasticity.
This facial uses the combination of hot and cold to kick start skin
cell’s natural renewal process by expanding and contracting blood
vessels. The result is an immediate glow to skin, smoothed
fine lines & a boost in collagen production. This luxurious treatment
produces gorgeous results for all skin types.
60 minutes $150

Microneedling Facial*
This facial employs the practice of epidermabrasion which
encourages cell turnover and boosts collagen. Using the popular
derma-roller, we gently create micro-abrasions on the skin's
surface, followed with an immediate application of tailored
vitamin serums for ultimate product absorption. The result is a
nourishing treatment that will improve both the dermis &
epidermis, resulting in immediate and long term visible results.
This facial can help reduce fine lines, sun damage, mild acne
scarring, while stimulating collagen and elastin (the powerhouses
of firm and youthful skin) production. This facial is also an
excellent preliminary to a chemical peel for those seeking deeper
and more dramatic results, as the pores will be open and allow
the chemical peel ingredients to penetrate deeper into the layers
of the skin.
60 minutes $165

Honeysuckle Back Treatment
A facial for your back! Excellent for treating breakouts in this
region as well as prepping skin for back baring outfits and
preparing for swimsuit season. The back is deep cleansed,
toned, exfoliated and treated to a balancing masque
and tension relieving massage.
45 minutes-$80    Series of 3-$210

Fascia Blasting Treatment
A body treatment designed to significantly reduce the appearance
of cellulite. This method works to restore the health of your
connective tissue (fascia), improve blood and lymphatic
circulation and flush out toxic buildup in areas where cellulite is
most common. The chosen areas of concern receive a dry
brushing to help jumpstart lymphatic drainage, followed by warm
heat to prepare the areas, an application of anti-cellulite herbal
oil, the fascia blasting treatment, finished with a healing arnica
cream and an incredible sense of invigorated vitality.
50 minutes-$90    Series of 4-$320

All skin reacts differently. Typically little if any downtime time is needed after any of our Facials
*These treatments in particular may leave skin sensitive or red for 24 hours due to their stimulating effects.
Proper planning and gentle after care advised.
**Mild peeling of the skin can occasionally be observed after receiving a peel. This is normal and in the
nature of the treatment. It can be easily managed and concealed.


Décolleté/Neck Treatment                    
Hand Treatment


Maintenance Brow
(Must be within 4 weeks of initial shaping)
Lip, Chin or Jawline
Full Face
Full Face
(Cheeks, Lip, Neck, Chin, Nose, Odds and Ends,
not Brows though)
Under Arms
Half Arm Women
Full Arm Women
Half Arm Men
Full Arm Men
Stomach Men
Chest Men
Half Back Men
Full Back Men
Shoulders Men
(With any Back/Chest/Arm Wax)
Half Leg Women
Full Leg Women
Half Leg Men
Full Leg Men
Basic Bikini
Tini Bikini
Maintenance Brazilian
(Must be within five weeks of initial Brazilian)
Happy Trail
(with any Bikini service)
Bum Women
Bum Men







I offer hair removal using either organic sugar (a paste made of sugar, water and lemon to
resemble honey), which removes hair at the root and will not lift live skin, making it a gentle
option for sensitive areas such as the face and bikini region. I also provide traditional wax as
an option for those who prefer it, particularly on larger areas such as backs and legs. You are
welcome to tell me your preference when scheduling or allow me to make the decision for
you based on your needs.


Lash Tinting
Brow Tinting
Lash & Brow Tint
Brow Tint & Shaping
Lash/Brow Tinting & Brow Shaping